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Pathways For Change, Counseling Center for Children & Everyone


Information, Policies, & Consent to Return to In Office Sessions


1. Even though some of our therapists are holding in office, in person sessions, it is up to the discretion of the client or parent/guardian of client if child is under 18 as to whether you wish to come into the office for your session, or if you prefer to continue with telehealth sessions online. The choice is always yours, and we will accommodate your choice. You simply need to let your therapist or our office manager know which type of session you prefer so we can schedule it accordingly. 

2. If you’d like to come in for sessions in person, and you have questions around your health risk, please contact your MD prior to scheduling in person sessions.

3. Remember, you do this at your own risk. If you decide to change your mind, you are free to return to telehealth sessions at any time.

4. You agree to follow state and county safety practices. These can be found here: Please review these safety practices.

5. We will not have a “waiting room” until further notice. Instead we will be adapting the following protocol for appointments: Please wait in your car until your therapist calls you and tells you to come into the office for your appointment. Parents may accompany their child to the exterior door of the office, and your child’s therapist will meet your child and take them in for their appointment. Your therapist will tell you what time to return for your child. You will meet your child outside on the porch and the therapist will bring your child to you at the conclusion of the session.

6. Upon entering the office you will be scanned with a contactless thermometer for your temperature. If you have a fever, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment. You will wash your hands and sanitize prior to entering the session.

7. Upon completion of the session, you will be asked to once again wash your hands and sanitize before exiting.

8. These protocols must be followed to insure your safety and our staff’s safety and well being to reduce the risk of spreading 


9. You will be asked to sign your consent and agreement to these policies when you return to in-person sessions in our offices.